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Pink hair and glasses? [Closed] [Spirit World AU]



Being on his way back home from school, Jean couldn’t help but sigh. The month was coming to an end and he was low on money— again. He’d come back to a mountain of bills, all waiting to get paid. That alone makes him not want to go back… But not looking at them wouldn’t make them go away. 


Being deep in thought, Jean wouldn’t even realize that his precious, yet empty wallet fell out of his pocket…

{❣}—It’s as though her eyes want to sink to the ground fully instead of keeping them at an impersonal level, lolling near the edges of her eyelids and the upper regions threatening to snap shut any moment. If ever inquired about what was possibly the most hindering aspect of anemia, her answer would come out curt and unrelenting; the toppling daze she reeled in almost constantly and the drowse that swam around her. Stapling a false promise to herself on the billboard in her mind, she ensures herself that she will go hunting later on with wrapped fingers behind her back.


A patter, while initially elusive, roused the wielder with a livid lift of her head. Following the location of the alert, her movements were made by instinctive strings; sinking her to the ground, snatching the wallet from the asphalt, and yanking her upwards to hastily whisk herself forward. 

A marionette was what she amounted to a good majority of the time to begin with.

Her breath expelled in hoarse, raw bursts at the expense of a sprint. ❝U-Uh!❞ Her meager voice hailed to the broad back of the former, waving the billfold justly; now, she was grateful that she had taken this way back to her residence. ❝Did you drop this? I-It fell from you, so…❞

"Huh—?" Jean turned around, spotting the girl with a wallet in her hand. He stared at her for a good time before hastly moving a hand to his pocket, where his wallet was supposed to be, just to find out it’s not there.

"How the..—?" he looked up at the girl and slowly extended his arm to grab the wallet. "Yeah.. Th.. Thanks." 

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This world is cruel.. but also very beautiful

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Shingeki no Kyojin: No Regrets Promo #1

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When your friend makes a gay comment and forgets to say “No homo”


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Walk in.

See this.

Wat do?

Depends, do you own a dog?

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Have a transparent Levi Heichou for your blog!

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